AquaGym History & Brett Naylor

Our History

The AquaGym Facility was purpose built in 1988 by two of New Zealand’s leading Elite Swim Coaches, Brett Naylor and Clive Power. Brett and Clive have for many years coached New Zealand Swim Teams to Olympics, Commonwealth Games and World Championships.


Brett is a veteran of 5 Olympic Games, as a swimmer and then as National Coach. He proudly coached Anna Simcic to become a double Olympic finalist and a world record.

Until Brett’s retirement from National Swimming in 2000, AquaGym has placed a swimmer and coach on every International, Commonwealth and Olympic Games Team.

Brett has spent many years involved with Swimming New Zealand as National Coach, National Selector and president of NZ Swimming Coaches and Teachers Association. His guidance and direction is an invaluable part of the success of the AquaGym Program.

The Facility is fully owned by Brett and Colleen Naylor, and whilst the competitive swimmers are still showing strength at all levels, an enormous amount of energy has been put in to our Learn to Swim Program as Brett continues to educate himself and AquaGym staff on the most up to date internationally recognized swim teaching.

Today we are so lucky to employ over 50 AquaGym Superstars dedicated to teaching your children the latest and greatest ways to learn the lifesaving skill of learning to swim.

About Brett Naylor


Brett Naylor

What started as therapy for Brett’s childhood asthma, soon turned into a passion for swimming!

First representing New Zealand at age 16 while attending high school in Otago, Brett went on to receive a University Scholarship to swim and then later Coach in the United States.

He is still the only New Zealand swimmer to have won every Freestyle event from 50 to 1500 meters at Nationals. He repeated this for 3 consecutive years!

Between 1974 and 2000 Brett represented New Zealand at 4 Commonwealth Games and 5 Olympic Games.

Some of Brett’s achievements are:

1974 Commonwealth Games – NZ - Swimmer

1975 World Swimming Championships – Colombia - Swimmer

1976 Olympic Games – Montreal - Swimmer

1978 Commonwealth Games – Edmonton, Canada - Swimmer

1972-80 Various NZ Swim Team Appointments

1988 Olympic Games – Seoul – NZ Assistant Coach

1989 Pan Pacific Champs – Japan – NZ Assistant Coach

1990 Commonwealth Games – Auckland – NZ Head Coach

1991 World Champs – Perth – NZ Head Coach

1991 World Short Course Circuit – NZ Head Coach

1991 Pan Pacific Champs – Edmonton – NZ Head Coach

1992 Olympic Games – Barcelona – NZ Head Coach

1995 Pan Pacific Champs – Atlanta – NZ Assistant Coach

1996 Olympic Games – Atlanta – NZ Assistant Coach

1998 Commonwealth Games – Kuala Lumpur – NZ Coach

1999 World Champs – Hong Kong – NZ Head Coach

1999 Pan Pacific Champs – Sydney – NZ Head Coach

2000 Olympic Games – Sydney – Head Coach

In 2003 Brett received the honour of Master Coach from Swimming New Zealand.

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