The AquaGym Way

Living in a small country surrounded by water, we believe that every child should be given the opportunity to gain the lifetime benefits of being able to swim.

Our Leading Edge Program is constantly innovating as we discover exciting new ways to help children learn to swim more effectively.

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Swimming is a skill for life and a lifesaving skill!


Our Leading Edge Program is constantly innovating as we discover exciting new ways to help children learn to swim more effectively.

Swimming is about so much more than becoming a world champion swimmer! At AquaGym we will provide your child with a warm, positive & supportive learning environment they need to succeed.

Being invited into the prestigious ANZUS World Swim School Group has allowed us to be constantly up to date with the latest information.  To continue our growth, our Leaders attend The United States Swim School Association Conference, The Australian Swim Schools Conference, and The New Zealand Swim Coaches and Teachers Conference. Ongoing communications with these groups enforces our policy to always apply international best practice.

In 2000 we started working alongside USA Professors, Bill Boomer and Milt Nelms, who have worked with some of the best Swimmers & Teams in the world.   Since then our program has adopted the latest proven teaching techniques.

The aims of our Program

  • To encourage swimmers to become completely comfortable in, on and under the water, moving through the surface from all directions.
  • To develop an understanding of the use of body balance to increase effectiveness and efficiency in the water.
  • To teach techniques which utilize each individual’s body to maximum advantage and optimize efficiency.

You will notice an emphasis on the following:

Developing appropriate survival reflexes in water

In order to make educated survival decisions the human brain must feel comfortable in the environment. The natural fight or flight reflex, although efficient for survival on land, is inappropriate in water. We must therefore spend time suppressing this response to danger and reeducate the brain for aquatic balance and breathing.

The idea is to transfer the aquatic experience from the Primitive brain of instinct or survival, through to the Cortex or thinking brain.

Water Safety

Water Safety is an important part of our program & we feel it is vital for children to learn survival skills in deep water. Once a term we run a ‘watersafety week’ where all the children in the small pool have a lesson in the deep pool.

The temperature change and greater depth of the main pool challenges children to learn life saving skills while still being in a controlled and safe environment.

There are no guarantees, but practice in the main pool can help reduce the risk of panic & give your child some valuable skills for getting out of difficulty. We want to know that if your child/children were to get into a difficult situation, that they would be prepared.

Please encourage your children to have fun and give it a go.

New Stroke Techniques and Injury Prevention

For more efficiency and ease of movement we are teaching well- balanced stroke mechanics. This reduces water resistance, the possibility of injury and increases speed possibilities.

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