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We run squads 7 days a week. See reception for your schedule once you know which group you will be in.

Call: (03) 381 0299      Facebook Message: AquaGym Swim Centre        Email: info@aquagym.co.nz

Assessments are a quick easy way to ensure your child will be in the correct squad. 

At AquaGym we will encourage every swimmer to be the best they can be at all levels. We have a team of highly skilled swim coaches working under the guidance of Coaching Director and former Olympian Brett Naylor.

Junior Squad Timetable:

  • Monday – Friday after school
  • Saturday & Sunday mornings

Duration: 1 hour

Sessions per week: this is up to you!

Although we have the recommended number of sessions we would like you to do at each level, we also know that you have a lot on! Because of this – we are flexible with the number of sessions your child does.

Your child has the option of swimming once, twice or three times per week.


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