Junior Squads

The focus of these 1 hour groups is to build your child's confidence, strength, endurance & speed.

You don't need to be an Olympian to be a champion! Being competent & strong in the water, being proud of your swimming ability, whatever swimming may mean to you - continue your journey with us here!


Welcome to Junior Squads

AquaGym Swimmers swim for skills for life, to become competitive swimmers, to play water polo, do surf lifesaving or triathlon, or just general fitness for other sports!

We run junior squads 7 days a week. Children can swim 1-3 times a week. Although we have a recommended number of sessions for each level, we know that you have a lot on so we are flexible for what suits you!

Be in touch to arrange a free assessment!!


The below timetable is only indicative of current class times.

Be in touch to check availability of the session you wish to swim in once you know your child's level.

Squad Timetable


Have more questions? Give us a call on 03 381 0299 or email us at info@aquagym.co.nz

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