Pre School Swimming

Welcome to our Pre School lessons! 

We have lessons 7 days a week & each class is 25 minutes. Parents are not required in the water at these levels. 

Give your child a head start before they head to school! 




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Did you know?

Children who swim from a young age reach many developmental milestones ahead of their peers. They have a head start physically (motor growth), socially & intellectually (cognitive growth).  - Griffith University Study 2012.

Pre School Levels (3 - 4 years)

Explore our Pre School groups below to see which group your child will best fit into. We have a maximum of 4 children in each class.

When booking, let us know which day suits you and which level you think your child will be in!  If you are unsure or have any questions - be in touch!

Little Otter

First time swimmers

Key Focus:

  • Developing confidence in the water.
  • Experiencing buoyancy & breath control.
  • Learning to become more independent in the water.
  • Water Safety Activities.
  • Learning to happily go underwater.

Little Crab

Swimmers who are happy going under

Key Focus:

  • Happy to pick up objects from the bottom of the pool.
  • Learning to float & kick .assisted
  • Balance & stability in preparation for floating.
  • Water Safety Activities.


Little Cuttlefish

Learning kicking & arms on front & back - assisted

Key Focus:

  • Learning to float & kick unassisted on front & back. 
  • Arm circles with a noodle or kick board
  • Water Safety Activities


Little Seal

Learning kicking & arms on

front & back unassisted

Key Focus:

  • Floating & kicking on front & back.
  • Using controlled kick with balanced body position
  • Arm circles on front & back.
  • Water Safety Activities.


Private Lessons

Children at any level

For those who prefer one on one lessons. These are available throughout the week. 

You can do either 15 or 30 minutes with a Tutor of your choice.

Be in touch to learn more! 


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