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Welcome to School Age Classes!

 Our Term Time Lesson Schedule:  

Monday - Friday: between 3.15pm - 7pm            Saturday & Sunday: between 8.10am-2pm

Be in touch to make a booking for Term 4!

  All classes incorporate Water Safety & Neural Activities
Our Learners Pool is 0.8m deep & heated to 32 degrees                  Our Main Pool is 1.8m deep & heated to 27.9 degrees



First time Swimmers

Key Focus

  • Water Confidence
  • Learning to float unassisted on front & back

Duration: 25 min

Max Swimmers: 5



First time Swimmers

Key Focus

  • Kicking and Body Position on front and back
  • Freestyle & Backstroke Arm circles

Duration: 25 min

Max Swimmers: 5



Introducing Freestyle Breathing

Key Focus

  • Freestyle - learning to breathe
  • Backstroke - body position & kick

Duration: 25 min

Max Swimmers: 6



Introducing Breaststroke Kick

Key Focus

  • Freestyle – Long balanced stroke
  • Backstroke - Body position & kick
  • Breastroke – introduction to the kick

*for extra breaststroke help, see reception about doing a Breaststroke clinic on Sundays

Duration: 25 min

Max Swimmers: 7



This class is in the Main Pool

(1.8m deep & 27.9 degrees)

Key Focus

  • Freestyle & Backstroke – Polishing up skills & maintaining body position
  • Breastroke – Learning the arms and timing

Duration: 30 min

Max Swimmers: 7

*working over 12.5m

Swim Star


This class is in the Main Pool

(1.8m deep & 27.9 degrees)

  • The last level of Learn to Swim

Key Focus

  • Achieving correct technique in Freestyle, Backstroke & Breaststroke
  • Retention of these skills throughout the session.

Duration: 40 min

Max Swimmers: 8

*working over 25m

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